4 Vegan Blogs to Help You Transition

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The vegan transition can be intimidating. There’s many blogs showing beginners affordable alternatives to our everyday cravings, minus the animal cruelty, plus the health benefits.

These blogs can help if you’re partial vegetarian, vegan, or just want to make healthier food choices throughout the week.

The best thing about vegan food is we can intermingle core ingredient like spices and herbs to remind us of our favorite dishes and we get a dose of health benefits. Nothing but good can come from exploring animal free alternatives to your favorite recipes!


Scrambled Eggs: Fork and Beans

The secret to my incredible breakfast scrambles is this recipe from Forks and Beans, you’ve got to try them in burritos!

Forks and Beans tofu scramble recipe
Forks and Beans


Tacos: Minimalist Baker

We all have nights where we just NEED a taco. This Quinoa taco meat recipe from Minimalist Baker deserves massive praise.

Minimalist Baker quinoa taco meat recipe
Minimalist Baker


Fettuccine Alfredo: hot for food

This fettuccine recipe is so much better than the animal based option, try adding turmeric and nutritional yeast for a macaroni and cheese dish that’s out of this world. Load up on more delicious recipes and mouth watering photos at the hot for food blog!

hot for food mushroom fettuccine alfredo recipe
hot for food


Pizza Dough: Oh She Glows

Homemade anything is the best and especially true of pizza, everyone deserves the pleasantry of this treat. Oh She Glows has such an incredible collection of everything you’ve ever wanted, and maybe some things you never knew you wanted!

Oh She Glows pizza dough recipe
Oh She Glows


Bonus Blog: Pick Up Limes

We simply couldn’t get through this blog without mentioning our favorite blogger, Pick Up Limes. Her simple and eloquent recipes are true to her nature, and she does a great job of covering areas that might get overlooked when first diving into veganism.

There’s a plethora of vegan bloggers out there who are excited to share their knowledge with you, and many of them have books you can buy to further instill your support for their hard work.

This change can take time, and baby steps are always encouraged. Try replacing just one meal a day with a vegan option, play around and master that recipe so you can build confidence as you move forward into a life of conscious cooking and eating.


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