5 Effective Art Selling Habits

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If you plan to sell your art online or locally be ready for an inundated job description.

You’ll be the artist, sales representative, customer service, marketing adviser, and agent. You could also say you’re the photographer, copy editor, delivery driver, the list grows with jobs to do. You’ll have plenty of resources to read on the specifics of these topics.

There’s a few general habits you can develop that will help when selling your art.

1. Know your worth

This first in habits is ultimate and it comes hand in hand with trusting your instincts.

Know your feelings are purposeful and just. Take your time, that precious gift you’re given and patiently pour it into providing the best whatever it is you provide.

Breathe a little deeper, exhale a little longer, accept the earth’s sounds whether it’s sirens or dog’s barking as your world’s environment ripe for enjoyment.

Meet with people you appreciate and in turn do the same to you, even when you won’t agree on everything. These energies are vital to an enriching life.

Take on hobbies, relax if you need to recharge, make strange noises, dance when you want, provide your body exactly what it asks for granted you harm no other.

Know your worth, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

If someone doesn’t want to pay your worth I assure you the wait for someone who will means they’ll value that piece..

Envision yourself doing exactly what you’d be most happy, most successful, doing. Now go and do it.
The only thing stopping you is time and time is endlessly with you this moment.

2. Trust your instincts

Hand in hand to knowing your worth, trust your instincts against the greed driven shoulder negotiations.

We all know what an “awkward” moment feels like, frequencies of sounds and colors are proven to play integral roles in perception.

If you have to carefully craft justification, don’t do it. Do what feels right for your life and your time.

3. Communicate

The easier it is to communicate with you better.
I like to send estimated times for processing and shipment as soon as possible once I’ve received their order.

I include a hand written thank you note with my orders and I like answering questions about my extensive methods at my materials page.

If you’re like me selling unique luxury items these extra details might be crucial to standing out among the other artists in your venue.


4. Celebrate success and failure

Be grateful for everything you have, celebrate every interaction you make with your art.

Prepare all you need for projects, it’s the experiences of success and failures that teach you.

Turn losses into lessons

Be grateful for every chance you had and failed, some may not get the same.
Celebrate your gift of time by exercising your ability to try again and in that you’re proving your dedication.


5. Keep a journal

If you keep a pocket notebook or journal to jot down your ideas no matter if “good” or “bad”, you’ll never suffer artist’s block again. I promise your daily experiences will constantly get your creative juices flowing. We have powerful minds capable of comparisons that will help you bridge gaps between the real world that moves you and infusing your art with the same power. If you’ve ever thought of a great idea and don’t have the time to work on it right then, you risk forgetting it the moment you’re inspired. I have many notebooks, and they’re all full of ideas. Collecting all your ideas can also help you find consistent concepts and drive your brand.



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