About Creative Mending


I'm Ash, a US based artist.

Over ten years ago I began my Creative Mending journey, using art therapy has always helped with emotional struggles Now that I'm such a happy person I want to help others explore the same life. I mostly work with painting custom Monster High (MH) dolls, Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD), and the like. I also love sewing, and sculpting miniature foods!


The Creative Mending process is individually unique.

The process I use is unique to every project, when you add one of my unique creations to your collection you're truly homing a work of art that exists in no other place.

Each doll project starts with planning and preparation that can account for a quarter of the total work. Through layering of techniques and materials, I'm able to create a piece that meets my standards. Each doll comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is assigned a unique identification number.


What do you do?

My favorite part about making art is sharing the process with all of you. I make tutorials and like to help others explore their creative possibilities. I write articles that highlight my creative lifestyle routines.

I’d love to hear your suggestions so feel free to contact us, and share something awesome that's helped you through life! As always, have a beautiful day and shine knowing you're the best you there will ever be.


Daily life routines that have made a profound change in your life, how about your diet habits? Share your blog or any articles that brought you to a higher place you hope others will find encouragement from as well.


What does your appearance say about you? How about your home, do you practice Feng shui and want to share your tips on arranging order into one's life? Help us help others get started.


Is there a creator of music or visual artist you love for how they've positively affected your life? We'd love to explore your enriched world and shine a spotlight on your inspirations.

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