About Creative Mending


I’m Ash, a US based artist.

Over ten years ago I began creating and selling art. I started with graphics and web design, nothing can replace my traditional mediums though. I paint dolls, sew, sculpt, all things creative!


What is Creative Mending?

Creative Mending is all about the little things we put together for life. It’s about quieting your mind, and listening to your soul. Creative Mending came to be through a childhood New Age fascination paired with a love for exploring creative possibilities.


What do you do?

My favorite part about making art is sharing the process with all of you. I make tutorials and like to help others explore their creative possibilities. I write lifestyle articles that highlight my creative routines.

I’d love to hear your suggestions so feel free to contact us, and share something awesome that’s helped you through life! As always, have a beautiful day and shine knowing you’re the best you there will ever be.