Vassen Dori Pink Contact Lenses Review

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Vassen Sakura Dori Pink contact lenses looked amazing in the photos, I couldn’t resist the adorable design! I wanted a pair I saw with flowers originally, but they weren’t available in prescription so these were an alternative.  I ordered these contact … Read More

Vassen Sakura Candy Pink Contact Lenses Review

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Vassen Sakura Candy Pink contact lenses compliment my dark brown eyes wonderfully! I was immediately drawn to the brown and pink combination, I thought it might brighten up my eyes without looking too stark. Thank goodness I tried these out … Read More

Puchi Preservation Project

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The Puchi Preservation Project was founded to preserve the Blythe customization information from, Melissa Cabral, and other authors that donated their time to Puchi Collective. Someone posted to an archiving website we could access chunks of PuchiCollective through when the site … Read More

BJD are steadily gaining popularity

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I’ve regularly visited sites owned by face-up artists exhibiting their customs for years. I’m interested in mold making and casting to create original toys. I’ve gathered many techniques about airbrushing, pastel accenting, sealing, rooting hair, sewing, information involving every aspect … Read More

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