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PokemonGOPokemon GO has hit the US and will hit continue hitting other countries. The phenomenon that captured us in the 90’s has kept our hearts throbbing with warmth and love, we can’t let it go. We won’t let it go.

Born in 1989 and being a Web Administrator has kept me in front of the computer for hours daily. With the internet we’re given the power to pick and choose, if someone says something we don’t like we can just “block” or “ignore” them. This had adversely bred a generation of people who feel entitled and as if their opinions are the only ones that matter because it’s only our opinions we surround ourselves with. We don’t realize differentiation of opinion and acceptance of difference is vital, finding a medium ground is the gift that we choose to refuse. We’re a generation of humans ridden with social anxiety, depression, and a feeling of loneliness, a loneliness we choose to cling to. What can we do to get these people and ourselves out of the prison that we’ve built?

There are thousands of publications, millions of dollars worth of written word about how easy it is to get out and expose ourselves to what we don’t want so we can be sure what it is we do want. There’s a unity we can’t find when we’re behind the screen. This thing ate at me for a majority of my life and I refused to believe there was an option other than the ones I knew. I lived in bling ignorance, a blindfold I chose to wrap tightly around my eyes and I tightened that knot. I know many of my friends suffer from the same issues I do and we think it’s the only option.

When I was a kid rushing home after a day of being made fun of it was Pokemon that gave me sanctuary. I’d flick on the TV and in excitement to immerse myself in a world of evolution and the challenges that came with them. Ash Ketchum was my hero just like he was for other kids, there were tears and triumphs that far surpassed those I met. It gave me hope, light, and clarity. I knew neighborhood kids with varying interests like sports, science, or socializing that would join together on the back patio to trade Pokemon cards.

Technology has always struck me as interesting, connecting people easier while disconnecting the personal connection we thrive on. People love company and the habits that were being developed from how technologies’ being abused has hampered our ability to compromise or simply agree to disagree. That’s why Pokemon GO is going to be one of the best mobile applications of our time. Not only does this accessibility to everything from a screen limit our communication skills it also keeps us indoors where we further harness the comfort in keeping to ourselves. The same comfort that can consume us from inside and horribly affect the way we view the outside.

I knew when I beta tested Pokemon GO that this application was going to change lives on an extreme level. People that never leave their homes were going to be motivated to go outside, it was going to make us do the things we never thought we’d want to do. I had no idea how extreme this effect was going to be nor how rapidly. In just a few days we’ve witnessed drones of people that wouldn’t normally meet coming together for a cause. Some people will write it off as just another “digital addiction”, but we take from life what we will. It’s all a matter of perspective. If you ask me, and if you ask many others, we’re witnessing a unity that was being lost amongst this generation. Just like those days on my back porch I’m seeing people of unique traits come together for something they have in common, we’re all revisiting the thing that brought us so much happiness these past fifteen plus years. Sure, it’s annoying hearing people rant about the new big thing, but Pokemon GO should be here to stay. It’s going to help those that have battled with social anxiety, depression. It’s going to help people develop a desire to get up and go outside. People who wouldn’t be likely to take a walk are going to, and their faces may be in their phones but they’ll meet others along the way just like them. Others who ask, “Dude, did you see the Vaporeon down the road?!”, people who want to challenge a Gym. People with unique traits coming together for a change in social relations should never be frowned upon. Not to mention the increased exercise that people will be getting. I’m so excited for the future, especially if this application is, as my friend called it, “an Infant of augmented reality” and what is to come from it.

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  1. Rich Carrasco
    | Reply

    You’ve put a lot of thought and heart into this article; thank you. I’d heard of augmented reality years ago, and looked forward to a popular application of it. Finally here, and helping people socialize, exercise, & have fun – it’s only the beginning, and a good one. 🙂

    • Ash
      | Reply

      Thank you so much for your fantastic comment, we agree!

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