Preparing For Success

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I’ve told you how incredible you should feel for being successful!

Accepting success and preparing for it are two in one sometimes.
If you’ve ever been in public speech class everyone dreads the idea of getting in front of a class to discuss their topic. As someone with emotional sensitivity I wasn’t immune to feeling the same as my classmates when I took this course. It was my favorite course, and it taught me the extreme difference between being unprepared (voice shaking, using fillers like “uhm”, lack of eye connection) and being prepared (clear speaking, ability to move/present freely on stage, and the best part is the direct eye contact you experience when someone is truly listening). There’s a whole other blog I could write in regards to public speaking, it’s a divine subject.

So if you don’t feel ready for what’s in front of you, I’m talking about your success because trust me it’s right there, take this time to prepare.
If you desire a certain job, create that environment at home. Pick a spot, design your work area, pan and test out work flows. Experiment with setting goals and accomplishing them, these goals can be anything and you don’t have to accomplish every goal.

It so happens my dream career came upon me the same year I was refining my organization at home. Now that I was managing so many finances keeping track of important dates wasn’t easy. The black accordion folder that once secured my crucial documents imploded and the lack of access was preventing me from filing documents. I had no personal calendar so I was finding out about appointments or due dates after they passed, these things are my responsibility and my confidence was being weighed down by failing to follow through with both business and personal matters. I’ve since taken many hours to design templates and invested in a circa system planner/organizer, it’s one of the best things I did and that’s a whole other blog post I hope to cover. Especially the part about how easy it is to use software to design personal stationary you’d otherwise purchase.

I have ideas like building my own crafting table with a tilting easel and inset clear plastic drawing surface so I can put a light under for immediate tracing table. Do I possess all the knowledge to do that? No, not yet… but now I’m aware and I can take extra time to do things like read about woodworking, observing simple furniture and creating smaller projects would serve both a useful purpose now while helping me experience what I will or won’t be able to do on a bigger project. I’ve also since then kept every random desk or furniture design I think up, by the time I can build them I’ll have plenty of concepts to choose from. I rarely suffer creators block.

There’s links between everything we do so you don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars at once and attempt a massive project, find ways to segment it into smaller experiences you can manage. You might learn along the way you aren’t as committed as you originally felt, you’ll be able to sever or temporarily knot ties until you fuel up again. Figure out what drains you, take note of the balance you enjoy in your life.

If you want to work for yourself, tip the scale more towards work away from personal. If you want to work for others you’ll tip the scale that same way.
You may as well do what makes you happy, work is work, and financial sources are insecure.

You can even be awful at routines, like me! It’s not about beating yourself up when you can’t accomplish something, it’s about giving yourself an outline of things you could accomplish. You’ll naturally set priorities. Sometimes I sit in front of a white board and jot down every idea for things I’d like to do, no matter if it’s attainable or not. Once you get these items on a list or page you’ll find connections between them and this can give you ideas into what you might enjoy doing as a career, or volunteer work.

Using this information you can find the core of what you enjoy, then use it to your advantage!

When you live through yourself this way your work will prosper, people will flock to you for inspiration, and there’s absolutely no way you’ll fail because you’re being your authentic self.

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