Puchi Preservation Project

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The Puchi Preservation Project was founded to preserve the Blythe customization information from PuchiCollective.com, Melissa Cabral, and other authors that donated their time to Puchi Collective.

Someone posted to an archiving website we could access chunks of PuchiCollective through when the site became inaccessible. Visual guides can be great reference so we’ve recompiled the site information into printable .PDF documents. It’s our goal to keep these documents as true to their original form as possible. There’s minimal changes to capitalization, punctuation, and spelling for readability purposes. You should use these documents for personal reference only and never claim them as your own.

You can visit each tutorial individually or download the .zip containing all 21 tutorials.

Click here to download the Puchi Preservation Project (all 21 tutorials) tutorial .zip
Media Fire option: https://www.mediafire.com/?v4cfgui132439oh

BL, EBL, SBL, ADG, Kenner
Paints and Glues

Scalping EBL Blythes
Scalping SBL Blythes
Scalping and head opening Radiant Blythes

Eyechip removal for BL, SBL, RBL, FBL
Eyechip removal for EBL Blythes
Eyechip cleaning and restoration
Eyemech removal
Superior eye gaze correction
Boggling Eyelids

Factory fringe repair
Cutting perfect Blythe bangs
Dying and rerooting mohair
Rerooting saran (locked loop technique)
Rerooting thatching and finishing

Sand matting
Airbrush basics
Pastel chalk
Lip painting
Painting natural freckles

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