You Can

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Have you ever watched a show admiring characters and circumstances, thinking, “I’ll never be that fortunate”? A few years ago my show was… don’t laugh... ok you can laugh, it was “Friends”.

I watched these seemingly flawed beings find loving, meaningful, relationships through their differences and I strangely wanted that approval, even if I was “anti-social”.

With aging, my motivation to help others feel inspired meant my hermit lifestyle needed adjustments.

Much of the Creative Mending work I do requires sitting at a corner of the studio, alone. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. It means you can talk to yourself, listen, ask questions, and listen some more.

In Florida, I was working my dream job where I made and spent a LOT of money. Leaving that job and moving to Portland was a life saving decision. Miracle Morning came into my life, and my early bird habits made sense now.

I rise early and fill myself with any Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Oprah Winfrey, Eckhard Tolle, Alan Watts, Jim Carrey, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale and the likes.

Like a bolt of lightning it struck me I had to get a grocery store job, fortunately for me there was one three minutes away. I knew I needed a job where I’d be forced to build empathy with people otherwise I’d rot away in a box somewhere. You must tell yourself “You Can” and make the uncommon, common. 

With a born interest in natural healing and easier access to my dietary needs, I’ve cut down emergency room visits from once every yearly quarter to a single visit in two years.

You must tell yourself “You Can” and make the uncommon, common.

I’ve also eliminated various prescribed pharmaceuticals! An increase in energy and reduction of caffeine came with these changes, and I can’t wait to share some of the recipes I’ve been working on over the years.

Since my early 20’s I've known the rule of multiplication means Mother Earth will not give us warnings, she will shut this game down for our cheating once she chooses.

It’s up to us, we must bring forth emotional awareness in these times. Live your life right now, this second as if it’s the last. Viewing your life on a timeline will destroy, and it’s my goal to help you build rather than destroy. You can’t hide behind a screen anymore, just like I told myself. One should never be comfortable with a lack of empathy.

Everyday comes with mistakes and costly lessons deemed worth remembering. Failing through your life means you’re trying.

Always remember, YOU CAN.

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